Monday, 13 October 2014

Bag of the moment - Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag

Every now and again I get an overwhelming desire to blow my entire pay packet on a bag of my dreams. It so far has only happened once before and as you may have guessed that was on my Mulberry Del Rey, or as it's now better known my "one mulberry bag."

This feeling has hit me in the past few months and I had to share my bag lust with the world, at the moment its the Mulberry Cara Delevinge bag. This satchel, backpack hybrid is the perfect combination of sophisticated and casual and comes in so many options my mind doesn't know where to begin. 

I was of course first drawn to the ox blood colour, but even I know two very similar mulbs in the exact same colour is verging on ridiculous. After much browsing and umming and ahhing I have settled on my two firm favourites. The only thing swaying me more towards one is the massive jump in price range.

First up is the classic bag in black leather,an oldie but a goody if you will. What is better than a classic black mulbs. This bag is for sale at £995, so not quite on my pay day wishlist just yet.

The second option in my make believe shopping list is the same bag but in a taupe colour with lion rivets. This is my ultimate bag, the bag of dreams. However, at £1,600 it may have to stay in my dreams for the time being .


  1. The Cara bags are absolutely gorgeous and have so many great features. One of my favourites is the lion rivet bag too but I'm pretty sure it's completely sold out :( Xx

    1. ahh i know I love it. Don't think I can quite justify the price tag yet, even if I could find it! x

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