Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Autumn picks #3

Todays pick is where my techny side comes in, well a little bit. I am the girl constantly glued to their phone, whether it be chatting away on the long walk to the station, bopping away to Spotify or tweeting my life story, I can not live without it. Not even when it's so cold I feel like I may loose a finger! 
That is where my third pick of Touchscreen gloves comes in, these bad boys, as I'm sure your aware allow you to use all your favourite touchscreen  devices whilst keeping all your pinkies in tact.

There are hundreds of these on the market varying in price and I'm sure quality, but I've gone cheaper in the past and never had issues. These ones are from Amazon but If you need them asap I know Primark have them at around the same price point.


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