Saturday, 4 October 2014

Autumn Winter/ New job Haul

As I mentioned in my previous post I have recently got a new job and although I work in an office at the moment, the dress code is much more laid back and not at all formal. So in order to make sure I am not the office scruff, I had to update my wardrobe and it just so happened that every shop I  went into had great new stuff.
I do need some more bits and bobs but I think for now, this will be enough to create some good outfits for the first couple of weeks.

( H&M Black Skater dress- £14.99 )

(Forever 21 Brown Boots - £22.90)

(Primark camel coat - £25 )

(Forever 21 Floral print blouse - £13.50 )

(Primak fluffy jumpers - £10)

(Forever 21 Leather look pencil skirt - £14)

As you can see most of these items are not currently online but I purchased all of these on Saturday so they are still available in store. 


  1. I need that primark coat in my life! ♡♥

    1. snap it up now- it was in the front of my store where they put new stuff so get it whilst you can ! x

  2. I love those black chelsea boots. I had similar brown ones from H&M this year, and I've just bought some sort of red ones from Wallis for this year, I will absolutely never get over the chelsea boot trend.

    Sammy xo..

    1. I love them, especially with a heel. I want flat ones coz I'm quite tall but they make my feet look so long - not about the clown feet x

  3. That Primark Coat is to die for! Sooo beautiful xx


  4. Great choices! Good luck in the new job

  5. In love with this coat! It doesn't look like a primary item at all!