Saturday, 12 July 2014

Mulberry Del Rey Review

So as you should have guessed by now, from my blog name alone, I have one Mulberry bag and it may as well be my first born child. This was by no means a quick decision purchase, from deciding to buy a designer bag to actually purchasing one probably took about 3 and a half years. I know this sounds extreme but I obviously had to save, but also needed to decide exactly what I wanted.
I know some people think designer bags are a waste of money and an unnecessary extravagance but as you can see I didn't take this decision lightly, and I am still, a year on thrilled with my decision.
In order for this not to be a totally biased review I have highlighted key areas I will discuss and hopefully include lots of pictures. If you do want any more information please let me know and I'm happy to answer anything I can.

·         Mulberry Del Rey design
·         “Oxblood Silky Nappa” style
·         Largest style Del Rey available

(Bag front on and stuffed)

This is usually the first thing people want to know so I’ll get it out the way now. As you may or may not know most designer bags go up each year, so unlike a car or sofa this high end item holds its value. When I bought the bag its retail price was around £965 (give or take a few pounds). However, I bought mine from duty free meaning I paid just over £ 780.  I know still a lot, and I have encountered a lot of people who think it’s ridiculous to spend that much money on a bag, but I think if you’re the type of person who loves designer bags you understand the investment beforehand.  As I mentioned before the bag does go up in price and this bag is now £1,100 if you were to buy it from the Mulberry website.

Leather, Quality and colour
I deliberately choose a dark colour, one because I love autumn winter tones and, two, as I think they wear better. When I first purchased the bag I sprayed it with a leather protector which has worked wonders and none of my dark clothes dye, such as jeans, has transferred. However, this spray will darken the leather slightly, which is definitely something to bear in mind.
In terms of wear it’s almost perfect. I have one tiny scratch on the front which it totally my fault but bar that its held up amazingly from me being ,at times very rough with it.

(Bag unstuffed and totally empty)

Now this is potentially my only bugbear with this bag. Pictures and even when in store would lead you to believe it holds its bowling bag shape. However, with stuffing removed this is a very soft bag, which means it slumps in on itself when it’s not stuffed to the brim.  This can mean it looks much more relaxed and casual compared to something like the Bayswater which is more structured.

The bag empty is not heavier than any others I carry; however, it opens wide, meaning you can fill it up with a lot. This in a way is great as it can hold all of my excessive crap I like to lug around , but also gets so heavy and as it only has a small handle means it weighs your arm down a lot. On that note it important to say the large Del Rey does not come with a shoulder strap. If that is something you like, they do now make a small Del Rey which is exactly the same only mini and has an added strap.

(Bag from the side )

(Bag from the back)

This is potentially not a word but I think you understand what I mean- how wearable is the bag? For me personally I wear it all the time, mainly as I don’t tend to wear a lot of bright colours so it goes with most things. I think it is an extremely useful size and shape and it’s very durable so I don’t have to be on high alert with it. This again may be due to the colour as a lighter one would definitely be more difficult to keep clean, but in terms of durability it’s great.

My Thoughts and summary
In short, I LOVE IT! I mean that’s probably obvious from my blog name but it really was for me the best investment. I would highly recommend Mulberry to anyone and especially the Del Reys . Like I said they go up each year so if you are thinking of getting one I would act sooner rather than later. Having said that they often have great sales and more often than not Del Reys of some description go in, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you have any more question about my bag or buying a designer bag let me know and I'm always happy to answer.


  1. Lovely bag! I was torn between the Del Rey but went for the Bayswater in the end. I also unfortunately chose a light colour eeek! But I love it all the same :)


    1. What colour did you get ? I love Bayswaters x

  2. I really want a designer bag! I think there is no harm in having a luxurious item, it's something that you worked hard for and are proud of! :) x

    1. Totally agree. Have you got your eyes on any in particular? x

  3. I have nominated you for a liebster award! Check out my post here. x

  4. I wish I could have one of these beauties in my life, they sound so fantastic & they wear well!

    Latasha xx | Today I Adore

    1. If you are looking to invest I would say a Mulbs in the way to go ... I love it! x

  5. So pretty! I love the colour.
    I'm looking for a new bag at the minute to take to uni with me.
    It's so much harder picking one than it looks. I'm edging towards Kate Spade atm

    1. I have a kate spade as well if you want me to do a review?

  6. Nice review. Are you still loving it after 2 years as your "go to" bag? How has it held up? Sadly Mulberry keeps retiring fabulous bags. Not so fond of new styles. Sorry to see Alexa, Del Ray & Daria disappear.


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