Saturday, 14 June 2014

Whats in my make up bag

As much as I love make up and enjoy sitting for hours blending out the perfect shades to create a beautiful eye look, I also love my sleep. Day to day I work in an office and I want a well put together but not over the top look that will make me look, "semi" decent in the day and I can slap on a bit of gloss if I'm heading out after work.

Don't get me wrong, if by some mysterious reason I am up earlier than normal I will spice things up a bit, hence a small variety of options in my make up bag. However, mainly, day to day the contents of this bag is what's on my face.

Foundation- Rimmel Wake me up Foundation 

I do own high end foundations and logically should use them every day to get my moneys worth but I am one of those annoying people who saves them for a "special day". God knows when that is! I also love to know that when I leave the house my face will stay looking the way I believe it looked when I left and I won't be a distinct shade of "ompa lumpa" when I get through the office door. For this consistency, and many other things I love the Rimmel Wake me up Foundation in shade 100 Ivory.

It applies and blends seamlessly and I really do think I look more awake than I did previously. A sneaky tip is that Wilkinson's sell Rimmel products for under £5 so if you fancy nabbing this, I'd head over there.

Concealer- Rimmel Wake me up 

No surprise here I guess, matchy matchy. I love this concealer for under my eyes as it's not too heavy but still covers my awful morning dark circles. However, if your suffering from pesky breakouts I would give this a wide birth as the slight shimmer it has will only draw attention to those points you want to hide. I'm afraid I'm a sheep here and if  I do need any blemish concealing I reach for the Collection Lasting Perfection. It's thick but not too cakey and stays all day without oxidizing.  Both drugstore options and both work a treat!

Moisturiser- Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day

One thing you may notice in my make up bag this Summer (or not as the case maybe,) is a distinct lack of powder. This is not,sadly, because, I was blessed with perfectly sweat and oil free skin. It is all due to the wonders of the Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day cream. I have banged on about this in two previous posts (here & here) so I'll save you reading it again. In short, it's amazing and leaves me oil free all day.  

Bronzer- Collection Bronze Glow in Matt 

Throughout the Winter I am by all accounts rivaling Casper the friendly ghosts in terms of being pasty, so I find it hard to find a bronzer that doesn't look noticeable orange on my skin tone.  I have found through years of trial and error that a less pigmented bronzer works best for me so I can be more heavy handed- as I often as at 8 am, and still not look too horrendous. At the moment I am using the Collection Bronze Glow in Matt and really enjoying it. It is very light but definitely buildable and the fact it has no shimmer at all, means it creates a very natural glow rather than a perma-tanned disaster.

Eyebrows- HD Brow Palette in Bombshell 

Eyebrows are without a doubt my nemesis, especially first thing in the morning. One will look perfect and then for the life of me I cannot make them look even... cue absolute frustration! Having said all that, I do find that this palette has saved my bacon on more than one occasion, and it is the easiest method I have found to try and perfect my very sparse brows.  I use the light blonde colour and find that its a very natural tone with not a hint off red, like most eyebrow products. I believe the packaging has now changed for this palette but the product is still the same. I think, it's definitely worth the money, as it can double up as your day to day eye shadow quad. 

Mascara- L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black 

Now, I will admit I am somewhat of a mascara whore. I have no real affinity to any, bar the Benefit They're Real, which is too pricey for me to buy all the time. I tend to pick up whatever is on offer,and at the moment am using up the L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black, which I picked up in the States. The reason I'm not really a fan of this one is, the formula is very wet and I find I have to really scrape the brush to remove excess before I apply it, or I am left with one giant eyelash! If you like wet formulas give it a whirl, I'm hoping it will dry out a bit soon and be less of a faf!

If you do have an good drugstore mascara recommendations please do let me know, always keen for a newbie!

Eyeliner- Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Liner 

One of the big pains of my life is my incessant watery eyes, meaning a liquid eye-liner can sometimes lead to a horrendous panda look! It's due to this, I sometimes bypass this step, but if I'm feeling a flick, I use this felt tip liner from Collection. Its short thick nib is perfect for keeping the line straight to the lash line and I find this causes me the least dramas of all the felt tip liners I've used... which is a fair few!

Side note- 

As you will see there is no eye shadow or  brushes here, this is simply like I said in the beginning because I am lazy and most days just want a simply look but if I do decide to spice it up, neutrals is always my fall back. The Urban Decay Naked palette is a fail safe and I usually use my bronzer to deepen my crease. If you want to see my neutral work eye look do let me know. 

In terms of brushes, I am a huge fan of Real Techniques and own nearly all of them. However, most days the buffing and blush brush are my go too. The buffer brush is perfect for applying a light layer of foundation which is all I want for work. I use the blusher brush for my bronzer as I find the size is perfect and not being a blush fan I don't have a need for its original purpose.


  1. Love the post! Check out my post today about mascaras. I also use the Rimmel wake me up concealer! It's amazing! x

    1. ohh will do I need a new one ASAP! Thank you xx

  2. Great products I love the Naked Basics palette and the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer x

  3. Great post, the Wake Me Up foundation is one of my favourites! X

    1. Thank you! Defo stocking up in wilkinsons x

  4. The Naked Basics is my daily essential! Love the look of the HD brows palette too

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Its awesome and lasts ages , defo give it a go! x


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