Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Impromptu Lunch Time haul

So you know the drill, I headed across town during my lunch break to pick something up,and when
I found myself with ten minutes to spare I just had to have a quick shop.. it would be rude not too !
If your from the north I have no doubt you will be aware of the delights of TJ Hughes but for those outside the region I'll fill you in.
TJ Hughes is like a discount store of dreams, similar to TK Maxx but more hit and miss. I ventured in, not really with high hopes only to come out with a few beauties I thought I would share with you.

So as much as this was an impromptu trip, I did need some bits especially some fake tan. I have never really been a fan of fake tanning in the past, mainly as I hate looking orange and smelling of biscuits but also because I always look streaky. I would normally just bypass it and rock the au natural "Casper legs" look, but next week is one of my best friends weddings and knowing there would be countless photo ops, I thought I had better take one for the team and "tan-up"!
From my limited fake tanning past I do know that if it's going to work for me I'm better with a moisturiser-tan hybrid rather than a straight tan. So this time I opted for the  L'Oreal Innovation NutriBronze Body lotion 24hour progressive tan in fair.
Wow that's a name and a half. I did try and look for a darker shade, so that being lazy I wouldn't have to apply as many coats but sadly, as is the nature with discount stores this is all they had.
I also picked up the Derma V10 self tan applicator mitt, I may as well go the whole hog with this tanning lark and jump in with both feet!

The tan was £2.99 and the mitt was £1 -so if all fails and I end up scrubbing my legs till they bleed to get it off, least it didn't break the bank.

Next up I saw a huge display of make up products from the brand W7. I've heard of this brand before but never seen it anywhere so I had a good route, although I could have bought lots I restrained myself and picked up two things. First, was the Golden Brown eye shadow palette. Now, I have brown eyes and I hear purple is supposed to make them pop so I thought I would give this a whirl and again at £2.99 I thought it worth a go.

The next product is evidence of getting caught up in a "make -up" moment and not checking things properly. I picked up the W7 Brown Twister in... Dark Brown!! Ughhhhh!!! Such a pain as the formula and texture feels great but sadly it's just to dark. I may give this a try and see if I can work with it, but if not I'll definitely be heading back to try and get my shade.

This final product was a needle in a haystack find! tucked away under rows of very orangey looking foundations and powders I found a little stash of Korres make up! I was so in shock I dropped to the floor and started rummaging. Sadly for me the foundation shades were all way too dark, but I did manage to get my hands on the Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder in WRP5. Most of these shades were also really dark, this being the lightest but with a holiday around the corner I figured I would need something a little darker and the texture of this felt beautiful. At a ridiculous bargain price of £3.99 I could not leave it behind- to be honest I even contemplated buying the darkest shade to use as a bronzer!

If you're not lucky enough to live in the north make sure you check out the TJ Hughes website and see if you can nab yourself a bargain .