Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Payday Wishlist #2

Wow this month has wizzed by! So thankfully for us all it's nearly payday again, and that means another of my wishlists. This months sees a strange combination of home and beauty as I'm' slowly constructing my ideal beauty room- in my head of course. However, I figure if  I get small bits here and there when I do eventually have the room and means to make this dream room it wont be as much as an expense all at once!

Don't forget to leave me links to anything your planning on picking up this payday. I can use it as an excuse to browse the shops... like I need an excuse!
( Sephora Summer crushes, Nars Sheer Glow foundation, M&S Wall Clock,
Dunelm Mill dresser, Kate Spade note book, Anastasia Bow Wiz, 
Net-flix-ing pillow, TK Maxx Frame,  Paperchase letter tray )

As you can see this price is in dollars but after years of prayers Sephora do now deliver to the UK! Woooo!!! They do charge you £10 for the privilege, however, even with that added in the set costs around £36 and for 11 must have minis I still think that's a steal. Sadly by the time you read this i will have been and gone on my holiday and so the novelty of using minis to travel wont have been utilized however, I love trying new things and get bored easily so for me this is the perfect set!

This cult favorite has always been one I've had on my list but just never purchased- I feel this month may be when that changes. I have only ever heard rave reviews, and as I, like every beauty obsessive is always on the hunt for the elusive  perfect foundation I feel it my duty to try it.  

My boyfriend moved into his new flat this month and knowing his love of pocket watches I picked this beauty up as his moving in present. In hindsight massive error, I'm now really jealous every time I visit and, as it's out of stock on the website I will have to either smuggle it in my bag next time I'm there or love it from his house. Either way, thought I'd share it with you all and if you see it in store snap it up!

This is very much my dream purchase of the month and where my perfect beauty room stemmed from. I have seen this on a few visits to Dunelm lately and every time I have to force myself not to take it home. Sadly, my room at the moment is much too small so for now it remains a dream, but it's still on the wishlist.

Hello my names Grace and I have an addiction ... to notebooks! I don't know what it is but I cannot help myself, every time I see a cute one I feel a need to purchase it! Now, I'm fully aware £27 is a tad on the ridiculous side but I can't help but fall in love with it. In case you can't see it says "Eat Cake for Breakfast". Enough Said!

Again another cult product I have just never got my hands on. I have been loving my HD brows palette at the moment, but again jumping on the beauty blogger bandwagon, I really want to know if this is worth the hype.  

Does this even need explaining! If you have Netflix this is self explanatory and if you don't how do you survive! 

What with having moving on the brain this month, TK Maxx has been my second home. I currently own more frames than I know what to do with, and have a weird collection filled with pictures of people I don't know, but hay hoe what's one more! 

If you read my Mua vs Naked palette review, you will know I have an unhealthy obsession with eye-shadow palettes. Sadly though, bar MAC, they are not the prettiest of things to keep on your dresser and this beautiful pastel letter tray seemed to solve all my problems. It would fit most of my palettes perfectly as well as being an attractive addition to my beauty table. Plus, they also have matching pen pots perfect for brushes, so you can match the whole thing!


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