Thursday, 12 June 2014

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a way of sharing and recognising blogs and helping people discover new bloggers. I was nominated by the lovely Catherine over on Counter Pretty .

The rules are that the nominated blogger must post:
1. 11 random facts about themselves
2. Answer 11 questions from the nominator
3. Ask their nominees 11 questions.

11 random facts:

1.       I have an unhealthy obsession with iced coffee
2.       My favourite place is San Francisco
3.       When I walk up or down stairs I count them up to 8 then start again,
4.       I was born in Swindon
5.       I once got my head stuck between my wall and my bunk beds,
6.       I once got my foot stuck in a revolving door
7.       I nearly drowned on holiday when my family forgot about me and were busy watching a cat stuck up a tree.
8.       As you can see from above I’m very clumsy
9.       I was named after a man- famous cricketer W.G. Grace
10.   I pronounce Vaseline very strangely
11.   My nick name is Bushy – not for any body hair issues!

Questions from Catherine:

1.What made you start blogging?

I have a degree in PR but currently don’t work in that industry so wanted to keep up my writing skills. I also have an unhealthy obsession with beauty and my friend Milly suggested I do it to pass on tips.

2. What beauty product could you not live without?

Hair Oil… does that count as it’s for your hair? Not really fussy on brands have tried loads, from high end to drugstore and love them all. All I know is, I could not get a brush through my hair without it. LOVE!

3. Is there anything you dislike about blogging? 

Have to be honest, I haven’t been blogging for long at all and so far no, I love it all!

4. What was your childhood ambition? 

To work in Tesco! I was obsessed with scanning and having a shop.

5. Do you have a guilty pleasure? What is it?

Sugar! I have far too much and need to seriously nip it in the bud but no matter the mood I celebrate with food mainly sugar!

6. What do you wish you'd known when you first began blogging?

The time constraints. Not only does it take a long time to write posts and take photos and edit, but the promotion of your blog was something I really overlooked. I love twitter but I find I need to be active all the time and use social media to interact which I love but it takes up a lot of time.

7. Who are your favourite bloggers? Why are they your favourites?

I love Grace from the and also Shirley from Mainly because they post a lot of fashion as well as beauty and I find that’s what I need more help with as I’m rubbish at throwing together outfits.

8. How many hours do you procrastinate a day on average?

I would say at least 2 but on a good day 3 ;)

9. You have 3 wishes, what are they?

For my home town to be round the corner from Liverpool with all my friends and family from home in it.

To have my dream job, working doing PR and marketing for beauty or fashion brands.

To not worry as much as I do, all the time.

10. What is your favourite thing to do?

Be with my family and friends and laugh.

11. What one piece of advice would you give a blogger just starting out?

Write about what you know and write in your own voice.

My nominees:
Beauty in Beta - Beth 
Beautiboe -Kate 
Milky Mouse Beauty- Sigita
Natalie Blogs Make up - Natalie 
Blonde Vision- Lauren 
Jessicas Creations - Jessica 
In Katies Corner - Katie 
The Sopho Diaries - Sophie 
Beans Beauty Blog - Georgie 
Liza's List - Liza
Unstiched- Maddy 

Questions for my nominees:

1.       Describing blogging in 3 words?
2.       What is the theme of your blog ie beauty?
3.       Dream job?
4.       If you were running out of a burning building and could save three things- bar people- what would they be?
5.       What are your blogging essentials?
6.       What inspires you?
7.       If money wasn’t an object what would you buy?
8.       What would you pick- ears as hands or hands as ears? Why?
9.       If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be?
10.   Favourite all time make up item?

11   Celebrity crush?


  1. Awww I loved reading yours! Also iced coffee is literally my favourite drink, if I could I would live off it! :) x