Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ebay Finds #2

Second month, second ebay finds post. This month as with my payday wishlist is a varied bunch. I found myself travelling a fair bit this month, not just on planes for holidays but also trains up and down to London. Things like, the comfy hoody and portable phone charger where a must for comfy and "battery powered" journeys like that! 

What did you pick up this month from ebay? Make sure you leave me a comment with your must haves, and check back next month for more of my finds.

( Nike Free Runs, White blazer, Eyelashes, 
Stud bottom bag, Make up brushes, Portable Charger 
Black Hoody, Pink Purse,  10 Concealer palette)


  1. I've really got to get myself a portable charger, i'm lucky if my battery lasts past lunchtime!

    x Kirsty

    1. Its ridic isnt it . This one saves my life x