Monday, 7 July 2014

Weight loss and healthy eating journey

So this is not your usual, “I need a bikini bod in 6 weeks post”… in fact, it’s kind of the opposite. I went on holiday last week and as with every year told myself months before I went I would diet. That diet always seemed to “start on Monday” until the day before my holiday rolled around and I was the exact same weight I’d been all year.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not worrying about my weight. I just know I am a little tubby around the edges at the moment and want to sort it out, once and for all. I blame that mainly on two things; one getting into a relationship and eating a lot! Not just going out, but staying in and having nights which seem to be “food-centric”. Secondly, working at a desk 9-5. I graduated university last July and went straight into full time work at an office, and I don’t move around much meaning anything I eat- which tends to be sugary, just sits on me.

Now, like I said I don’t have a bikini to slim into and I don’t really have that much of an end goal, I simply want to get out of this food rut where sugary processed foods are my go to! When I’m at home or faced with a healthier option made for me, I love it I’m just very lazy and a bad cook!  So, I have decided to jump, somewhat back on the slimming world train. I did it a little over a year ago for about a month before I got bored, so I decided to use it as a guide but not throw myself whole hog into the SW world!

I’m blogging about this mainly as a way of forcing myself to be accountable. I start a diet every week and it usually lasts all of about 2 hours before I crave a pastry with my morning coffee or a late night run to maccies. Writing it all down and charting my process will hopefully allow me to get embarrassed when I fail and notice when I have actually achieved.
Having said that, I’m not going to limit myself 100% I will have treat days and I will enjoy them… just in moderation!

Anyway let me know if you are on a weightloss/healthy journey and we can keep each other on track Also I’d love if you could leave me links to your blogs or any sites you find useful. 


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