Monday, 2 February 2015

Valentines gifts for men

First things first, before I launch into the first of my Valentines day gift guides, I have to mention this guide is based around what I would buy my boyfriend- rather than generic 'men' gifts. I really hope some of you find this useful and let me know if you would get any of these for the man in your life this year.

( Coat , Oil, Car print, Bag, Slippers)

1. Barbour Waxed jacket 
This is my very splurgey gift and to be honest, not sure I would ever spend this much on a Valentines day gift, but this would be my boyfriends ultimate gift. He adores Barbour and although pricey these coats will last you a life time. Plus I managed to find this coat on sale at the moment, pretty sure half price! So if you do splash the cash- why not save a little bit too.

2.Beard Oil
This is an odd one, as I wouldn't actually buy this for my boyfriend as sadly for him he does't have a beard- I know it breaks his heart. However, I know how big beards are for men at the moment so why not treat them, I mean it's stuck on your face all day!

3.Car Print 
I don't know a boy who doesn't have some kind of interest in cars, and this just happens to be a print of my boyfriends new baby. However, I don't think it needs to be a car, I think a nice print of something or someone they like is a great and thoughtful idea.

4. Ted Baker bag
I adore Ted Baker and it's fast becoming one of my favorite designer brands. I was just having a nosy on the site over lunch last week, and spotted this bad boy. I think it's the perfect combination of smart and casual and a perfect every day bag - plus I'm pretty sure it will fit most laptops, win, win!

5. Slippers
Granted this maybe a little bit old for the man in your life - I actually bought these for my dad at Christmas. However, he raves about how warm they keep his feet and at this time of year why not invest and keep your loved ones tootsies warm in these beautiful leather slippers.


  1. Ted Baker is one of my favourite brands and I think they do perfect gifts for guys!

  2. Samuel windsor is a great brand - well worth a look for shoes too

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