Friday, 6 February 2015

Family & Friends Valentines gift ideas

So thought I would round up the week with some of my favorite gift ideas for family and friends over the Valentines period. All of these are more sentimental, thoughtful gifts so perfect for a family member or your bestest friend.

(Cutlery Commission, Initial Necklace, Boomf)

1. Cutlery Commission
This is too cute for words, beautiful silver cutlery engraved with a cute little message of your choice. To top that off they make hidden message spoons which make a great hot chocolate and then reveal your lovely message to your loved one.

2. Initial Necklace
I think these are perfect for mums, especially if you have siblings you can get all your initials on these beautiful pendants and hang them on the one chain.

3. Boomf
I think I saw these ages ago on Instagram but yesterday I saw the advert on TV and was intrigued as boomf,  turn your photos into marshmallows! Although pricey at £15 for 9 its a really cute novelty for this time of year.


  1. Well personalised marshmallows are a new one on me!


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