Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Girls Valentines gift guide

So after I did a men's guide I couldn't not leave a few hints out there with my women's gift guide for Valentines.

(Jacket, Notebook, Chocolate, Candles, Ring)

1. Joules Coat 
As I put a coat in my mens guide I thought, may as well throw one in here too. This beautiful Joules quilted jacket is perfect and will keep you really warm this winter.

2. Chroma Stationery 
I discovered this brand on Twitter last week and it's so perfect. You can get beautiful notebooks embossed with anything you want , quotes, names, anything- and we all know girls love a quote.

3. Hotel Chocolat
This is a no brainer at Valentines day you buy chocolate. I am not a chocolate snob, I'll eat anything, but I love Hotel Chocolat and it'a a nice treat instead of your regular Dairy Milk.

4. Stvdio5 
I know what your thinking- chocolate twice really! Sadly not ! Although this looks good enough to eat these little babies are actually wax tartlets, but this site has everything from soap to bath bombs and it all looks amazing!!

5. Tiffany & co ring 
Again another 'typical' Valentines day gift but every girl loves a little blue box. Tiffany is iconic and beautiful and this ring is a classic piece that will last for years.


  1. Love that coat - may have to treat myself.

  2. I would be happy with just chocolate for valentines.


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