Sunday, 14 September 2014

Eyelash extensions

As much as I love getting made up, I  also love my sleep, and day to day I often pick an extra 5 minutes sleep over applying some fake lashes. Due to this, and my love of fake lashes I have always toyed with the idea of eyelash extensions, but have heard horror stories of them pulling out all your lashes, which always put me off. 

So after months, if not years of deliberating when I saw my friend Laura with them on last month my mind was made up. Not only did they still look natural they were still really glamourous, and without much other make up on, she still looked really pulled togther. 

This weekend I bit the bullet and we both had a full set applied at home. The process in all took about 45 minutes and although it  was difficult for me not to opens my eyes for that long, it was nice to just lie down and relax. 

It's safe to say I absolutely love them, and have already booked in for my infills in 3 weeks time... this is going to be an expensive addiction !

I had mine applied by a lovely girl named Jo who is self employed and travels to your home if you live in the Cheshire area. The full set cost £40 and infills are £20, but she also does Mink lashes which I'm more and more tempted by. 



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  1. You look lovely m'dear! I had false eyelash extentions before and loved them! I just didnt keep them up because I was prescribed glasses and felt like they would be hiding behind a lens! xx