Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mens formal fashion

Let's be honest , there is little more attractive then a man in a good suit. Whether he is off to work or strolling down a red carpet , men scrubbed up in formal attire are instantly ones to watch. In the lead up to the ultimate red carpet showdown, tonight's BAFTA's, I have collaborated with House of Fraser to talk about some of my favourite red carpet looks from across the years and even throw in a little look book of my own at the end.

First up is the always dapper Bradley Cooper. Now, let's face it this man never looks bad, however, this look at the Critics Choice awards, shows how a simple suit can instantly bring a man to life. I'm not a fan of lots of 'add ons' to suits so I think this is simple, well fitted and effortless.

My second choice is some home grown talent in the form of Tom Hardy. We all know the man is amazing, but I think this picture shows how you don't necessarily need a suit to look scrubbed up and pulled together.

As I mentioned in the beginning this post would not be complete with a little style post from yours truly. Now, I have not decided to pull off the Angelina 'tuxed' look just yet, so cue my glamourous assistant (and boyfriend) Dan. 

(Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger *, Suit River Island last year.)

I think this look  again shows how a simple well fitting shirt can instantly make an outfit more formal and ready for a bigger occasion. This particular shirt is from Tommy Hilfiger and I think fits him perfectly.  What Dan also loved about this shirt is that although here he is wearing it with a suit and in a formal look, it could also work just as well with jeans, for a more dressed down day time look.

So what's your favourite men's favourite tips and tricks? Do you go mad for bow ties or crazy for chinos? I can't wait to see what some of our favourite men will be wearing down the red carpet tonight.