Friday, 28 November 2014

Christmas Countdown - Girls Gift Guide

Michael Kors Watch, Unicorn onesie, Phone case, Fun, Doughnut maker, Fuji Film instax

 Every girl worth her salt has seen and heard of the amazing MK watches , last years it Christmas gift. However, I don't think this tortoise shell one is similar to any others I've seen, and will make a unique addition to anyone's accessories wardrobe.

Does this even need explaining, it's two of the best things in the world combined into one amazing gift! 

Any phone case makes a perfect stocking stuffer, but this one in particular will add a certain something to those mirror selfies. 

yes, this does look like a bakery item, however it's actually an amazing bath time treat. Call it a playdoh for underwater, it's comes in 3 different colours, but this gold one is extra festive. 

Now I know, come the new year everyone will be swearing off sugar and hitting the green juice. But for those regular treat days, or weeks in my case this doughnut maker will come in useful. 

if you follow me on instagram( which you should) you will know I posted this the other day as my gift of choice from Santa this year. I love photos, but  being a digital baby always have them on my phone and never a physical copy. This beauty will help make all yor memories come to life and plus it's pastel- what more could you want! 


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