Sunday, 9 November 2014

Christmas Countdown - Review of the Clinque Great Skin for Him Christmas gift set

There is no doubt christmas is my favourite time of year, and one of the main reasons for that is... the shopping. I absolutely adore making a list of people I need to buy for and then heading out on a hunt for that perfect gift.
I hate to blow my own trumpet here, but I am rather good at buying gifts, normally finding that perfect pressie within a few trips. However, my main downfall when it comes to shopping is, men. Whether it be, my boyfriend, brother or dad, unless they explicitly state what they want, they normally end up with a voucher or some form of socks. Now don't get me wrong I'm a strong advocate of getting your christmas socks, but I do think I need to up my game this year.
That's why when I was given the chance to have a look at some of House of Frasers  mens gift set from their christmas range, I jumped at the chance.

This Clinque set includes four products, a face scrub, shave gel, post shave soother and moisturiser and comes in a lovely grey wash bag. I have to say when I opened up the box, I was surprised at the size of the products. Although travel size they are definitely still generous and would last more than one trip away.

Now I know what your thinking, how are you going to review a mens gift set? Well I'm glad you picked up on that and are not under and illusions I can grow as much facial hair as my male counterparts. I can of course stare at the pretty packaging, decipher all the scents and ponder the price but review it from a male perspective , I can not! That is where my glamorous assistant aka boyfriend Dan comes in.... he has his uses.

I asked Dan to try the set out for a week and review it, just as a side note, Dan has dry skin which can be very sensitive.

Face Scrub 

Having sensitive skin Dan normally steers clear of exfoliates that may make his skin sore, however, having said that dry skin does need a exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. He commented that the thick clay like consistency was good at scrubbing off any stubborn flakey skin, one complaint though was that it was very abrasive and wasn't the best for sensitive skin. However, for anyone with oil or combination skin, this scrub will be perfect. 

Shave Gel 

The aloe shave gel was perfect for Dan , being unscented it didn't irritate his skin and the gel consistency kept his skin hydrated throughout shaving. From my opinion I commented from the start about how large this product was, it's perfect for more than a weekend away. If like me you split time between your house and your partners, it's perfect for us girls too, if your in a pinch and need to shave your legs . 

Post shave soother

Again on the dry sensitive skin kick, this soother worked well to keep Dans skin hydrated and save it from going red after his shave. He commented that it didn't sting at all when he applied it, which is very rare for him. 

Anti-age Moisturizer 

The finally piece of the set, and any male grooming routine, this moisturizer is a nice thin consistency, which means it sinks in quickly and with no scent again prevents irritation.  Sadly neither me or Dan can comments on the anti- age qualities of this product, but having usually dry skin and even drier during these cold months, Dan commented that he enjoyed using this product and it did help keep his skin hydrated and moisturised all day.

To sum up, we both agreed for any male in your life who enjoys taking care of their skin it would make a great gift. However, maybe for someone with oily or combination skin, as the scrub does tend to dry your skin out. 

If you fancy having a look at this or any other of House of Fraser's mens gifts this Christmas then have a look here. 

* This post was created in collaboration with House of Fraser, but all opinions expressed are my own, or in this case my boyfriends. *

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