Thursday, 22 May 2014

Who Am I

I’m Grace the girl who lived on super noodles for far longer than I care to remember in order to buy my dream Mulberry bag. 

Now don’t get me wrong although I adore “The Mulbs” (or my first child) as I affectionately call it. I am at heart a makeup and beauty fiend with constant aspirations to find the perfect; shade, formula, gloss or tone. I will- and have, spent hours staring down aisles and piling my basket high with products that only faintly differ to the ones I know I own at home, but what can I say … the heart wants what it wants!

I am a PR graduate and wannabe scouser currently living the dream in Merseyside's finest trying to not spend all my future student loan payments on the bright lights of Liverpool ONE. This blog will be a way for me to express years of built up  information stored in my tiny noggin from watching hours of YouTube videos, reading pages of blogs and trying far too many products.

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I aim to hit all bases and although I am far from an expert, pass on any useful nuggets I've gathered over the years. 


  1. Really interesting looking forward to your suggestions on no makeup look foundations. Fed up with buying brands that look great in magasines but dont work for me.