Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Payday Wish list #1

You all know that feeling when you check your bank balance on payday and for that 24 hours it’s as if you’re a millionaire. You buy all those products you've had your eye on and get countless rounds in at the bar. Well...I know that feeling far too well, which is how this wish list compiling came about. I was sick of being skint by the second week of the month so started jotting down everything I planned on buying with my next pay.

As I was perusing my list for this week’s upcoming pay , I realised this would make a great post as not only can you all see where my hard earned pennies will be going this month, I can get ideas for next month’s list from all of you.
(GHD- £45, Light pink leather -look mini skirt- £25Clinque Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief- £32,

Eldora H105 - £5.25, Tesco round glass lantern large flamingo - £8, Yankee Candle Margarita Time - £19.49,

Benefit They're Real mascara - £15.48Topshop leather backpack - £80, Molecule 01 perfume- £65) 

GHD Straighteners 
Now from this first picture I know what you're all thinking – “how do you not own GHD’s in this day and age!” Well, I have had the large plated ones since I was 16 and although I do still love them I'm trying to avoid putting as much heat on my, already frazzled barnet lately. So, in my usual irrational head I have convinced myself that by getting the small plate ones I can use them simply for my overly frizzy unruly fringe and save the rest of my hair from its usual cooking. Makes perfect sense to me...

These ones I found on ebay at about half the price so even better.

River Island PVC mini skirt

You maybe able to see a distinct pastel theme across this wish list and you wouldn't be wrong. So the first offering, is this beautiful pastel pink leather look mini skirt from River Island. Not only is the colour amazing I think this shape is the most flattering on my body shape, as it nips in at the waist. I know its getting hotter and a PVC skirt may not be the most practical item but we all know British weather is never that hot so I reckon I will be ok… fingers crossed.

Clinque Moisture Surge

I'm lucky enough to have a holiday to Turkey coming up in 3 weeks and although I'm extremely excited my skin is not. A 5 hour plane journey followed by 30 degree heat, will absolutely drain my skin of any moisture it had at all. I have heard amazing things about this Clinque Moisture Surge Extended Thirst relief, so I'm planning on picking it up as a duty free treat before I jet off.

Eldora H105 lashes

Being a wannabe scouser no night out look would be complete without a pair of lashes and these are some of my favourites, Eldora H105. I have had these exact ones in the past and even with my heavy hand and slightly drunken pulling off at night, they have lasted me about 10 nights out! For the price they cannot be beaten I would definitely give these a go!

Tesco round glass lantern

My second dabbling into the pastel trend comes from no other than Tesco. Not only do I adore the colour, I think with a tea light in for the evening it will look beautiful. They do it in other amazing pastel colours and if I had a garden I would be stocking up for BBQ season. This beauty is not the only pastel lovely Tesco are stocking so check out the entire Sherbet Crush collection asap before it's snapped up- probably by me!

Margarita Time Yankee Candle

I love a candle but I will never forget the fear of God my mum used to put into me as a child about burning the house down with them. Thanks mum. It’s due to this, I now exclusively burn candles in glass jars to try and limit my chances of burning alive … Beside the obvious fire safety benefits, Yankee Candles are amazing and really fill the room with scent and this bad boy has an amazing summer time smell to get you ready for the hotter weather.

Benefit They're Real

Not sure this really needs an explanation. Benefit They're Real mascara is without a doubt my favourite mascara ever. It's on my wishlist as I have sadly used up all my Christmas and birthday ones and have this month resorted to another one I had in my stash. I need this in my life again and pay day seemed as good a day as any to treat myself and my lashes to the best!

Topshop leather backpack

This really is a wish list item and probably one that will sadly stay on the list this month as it's slightly too expensive at the moment, for a bag I will definitely mark. However, this beauty is from Topshop and is a real leather backpack in a gorgeous creamy colour. If it's in your budget it’s a perfect summer staple and will last you forever.

Molecule 01

This is more of a curiosity for me having never smelled it. I hear about the Molecule 01 a lot and how it adapts to your own hormones in your body. I do really want to try it but am a little worried it wont mix well and I will end up smelling like a granny or something slightly more unpleasant. If you've tried it let me know what you think.

So what are your thinking about picking up this pay day? Comment below and let me know...I can almost hear my bank card crying from here!


  1. Great wish list! I love Yankee Candles.


  2. They are slowly becoming my addiction ! X

  3. I am super lucky that last week was my birthday so I have some money to spend on some lovely beauty products - I think I may go for a Mac splurge as they have some gorgeous new collections out at the moment!

    I have a giveaway live on my blog at the moment xx

  4. Treated myself to a mac ipstick - great nude colour as shown in mag but didnt realise it would be so matt. Idiot me i suppose so having to add a neutral lipgloss i had to give it some shine - i hate lipgloss. - hey ho another lesson learnt.!!!


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