Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Splurge #4

This weeks splurge is a little lower on the price scale from last week, but definitely still a considered purchase. This beautiful bangle from Michael Kors is absolutely perfect for stacking and wearing all year round and I think would work perfectly with my MK watch.
Talking of watches I know we have all heard of the MK watches but they have some other beautiful pieces of jewelry so make sure you check out the whole jewelry line if your looking for an after Christmas mini splurge.

Michael Kors Astor Bangle.

*This featured  post was created in collaboration with Market Cross Jewellers


  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter, dear! I like finding fellow bloggers.
    This is a very pretty and creative bracelet.

    Shall we follow each other on Bloglovin as well? I would love to.

    Lu |

  2. I love this bracelet, it would look perfect with a tan too.