Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top Bloggers of the Moment

Still being a relatively new blogger one thing I absolutely love is the blogging community, especially beauty bloggers. From the re tweeting and commenting on Twitter to the liking and sharing on Bloglovin this community is so supportive and I decided its about time I jump in on this "love in" myself.These posts will be the blogs I just can't get enough of, and most importantly inspire me to carry on blogging. I love finding new blogs so make sure you tweet me links so I can discover yours. 

image of beautiboe blog

First up is Kate over on beautiboe Kate is an avid beauty and fashion blogger who posts nearly every day, which puts me to shame. Her tone and the way she writes is easy to read and makes each post a pleasure to read. Make sure you go and give her some love, as a fellow newbie on the scene she defo deserves it.

image of vipxo blog

Second is a blog I followed before I really even started following blogs- if that makes sense. I used to google Victoria over on vipxo ebay posts when I was a student for fashion inspiration. The things this girl finds are amazing and I spend hours trawling the internet to find some of her outfits from previous posts. Not only is her style, and bargain hunting capability on point she, like me, has been on a weight loss journey and her recipes are so useful for keeping me on track.

the sunday girl blog image

Next up is a blog I discovered through Instagram, and it's the lovely Adrienne over on The Sunday Girl . On her home page alone you can see how beautiful her blog is, from the layout to photography it's flawless. Not only does it look amazing, but her content is great and her posts have enabled far too many purchases over the last month.

All these girls are great and amazing examples of the power of blogging, so if you are looking for some more beauty and fashion content in your life, make sure you go and follow them all. 


  1. Ooh! I've read Adrienne's blog but hadn't heard of the others. Looking forward to checking them out :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. Thank you so much :) so glad to read about someone throwing themselves into the blogging world and enjoying every step x

  3. I've just been reading your blog and found this again. Thanks for the shoutout! you're too kind! xx

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