Friday, 16 January 2015

Weekend away in Edinburgh

My birthday was January 12th and this year I was lucky enough to be away for the weekend before with my other half. After a bit of umming and ahhing we opted for Edinburgh and definitely were not disappointed. I kinda failed from a blogging point of view and only got a few pics of the scenery, but thought I would upload them anyway.

We stayed in the Premier Inn on Lauriston Place and it was absolutely brilliant, and only a 10 minute walk from town, so I would really recommend it. As you can see from the pictures it was bloody freezing and I was wrapped up the whole time. However, we didn't let the weather dampen our spirits and we walked all around, from, shopping on Prince's Street, to Edinburgh Castle and both the museum of Scotland and the Money Museum - we had a busy day!
Honorable mention for the weekend has to go to Ben's Cookies. I'm sure I have seen them on Instagram so when I saw the shop in town, I made Dan stop. One word- WOW! To be honest, kinda wish we hadn't tried them as now we know we can't get them in the north, its devastating but for a special away treat they were the best.

*Oh and that last picture is my beautiful new coat which was a birthday present I picked up over the weekend to - in love!

All in all our weekend was perfect from start to finish,  so if your thinking of a trip away for the weekend, add Edinburgh to your list.


  1. Its mad - so pretty but i hope it doesn't stick x


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